Enhancing Math, Inspiring Dreams. Program Connects NDSU Engineering Students With Fargo Second Graders

Ed Clapp Pilot ProjectThis upcoming school year, the GFMEDC and NDSU will again partner to place eight engineering students at Fargo’s Ed Clapp Elementary. The engineering students will work with all second graders enhancing their understanding of math concepts doing fun activities and playing games. 

The pilot program was started in 2015-2016 thanks to a collaboration among the GFMEDC, NDSU and Fargo Public Schools. Two engineering students spent ten weeks teaching a total of 20 students who ranged from level one to five in terms of math competency. The GFMEDC provided the college students’ stipends.

Along with inspiring the students to learn different ways to tackle math concepts (and hopefully to love math), the program aims to create pa115mediumthways to careers like engineering. The NDSU students act as role models, sharing their love of math with the kids and planting the seed in their minds that they can work hard and achieve their dreams. This program has the potential to reach more students getting them excited about learning math from role models who use it in their everyday lives.

And it worked! The school saw notable improvement in math understanding during the first-year pilot program.

We’re proud to partner to create programs like this because we know a strong economy relies on a solid pipeline of talent. And we want our students to see a world of possibilities!