Fargo – No Longer Defined By A Movie Or TV Show

No matter what you think of the movie “Fargo” or the new FX television series “Fargo”, there’s no denying that the two have contributed to quite a bit of name recognition for our wonderful community (what kind of recognition may be up for debate).

At the same time, a lot of people are singing our praises. Check out these (most recent) articles:

“No joke: It couldn’t get much better in Fargo” Joel Kotkin, Forbes. With the launch of the FX show Fargo, Kotkin focuses on what Fargo is really like including the rapid growth our region is experiencing.

What Fargo can teach you about community  Ben Hanten, Forbes. After visiting Fargo, Hanten focuses on five things he believes set Fargo apart as community builders create a startup culture.

The 6 best things to do in Fargo (not inspired by the movie) Downtown Traveler

7 life lessons we could all learn from the Midwest  Rob Fee, Thought Catalog.

Fargo ranked #10 on “10 Best Cities to Find a Job” by My Life.

An excerpt from Scott Meyer’s 9 Clouds blog regarding a recent Fargo visit by the entrepreneurial communities of Aberdeen and Brookings:
“We took a walking tour [of Fargo] and everyone our host introduced us to stopped to share their projects and ideas with us. After three hours we headed down the road, but everyone in the car was on the Fargo bandwagon. The fact that people throughout the community gave us their time meant that we felt grateful. We left feeling like a part of the community.”

Like Meyers, the folks who visit are impressed by our community full of creative, entrepreneurial, smart and generous people. It’s time to start believing them!