1 Million Cups Connects Entrepreneurs And Community

“Running a startup is terrifying and exhilarating.”

Blaine Booher, an entrepreneur featured at a recent 1 Million Cups event, told a packed room about his experiences building and running a startup company called Clifton Labs. Clifton Labs provides computer engineering and software development. The company builds software and hardware solutions.

Communication, taking ownership of projects and remembering that businesses are run by human beings are three themes Booher discussed as a core in his business. “I want to build a company that I want to work for.”

The weekly 1 Million Cups event gives entrepreneurs, like Booher, an avenue to gain community involvement and support. The events also benefit audience members who can gain insight into some of the challenges and benefits of starting a business.

Booher, who recently moved to Fargo from Cincinnati, praised the Fargo Moorhead community as one that has really welcomed his family. Clifton Labs is based in Cincinnati, but Booher is looking to expand his company into the Fargo market. “The community is amazing. Everyone seems so honest, and it’s an embracing community.” Booher said.

1 Million Cups happens every Wednesday morning at 9:00 and is free and open to the public. There’s free coffee thanks to Danielson Legal. For more information or to sign up, go to http://fargo.sites.1millioncups.com/. Fargo is one of 26 locations across the country hosting the weekly event.