Midwest Mobile Summit – Utilizing Mobile To Reach Business Goals

Mobile provides accessibility and helps businesses reach their goals, whether it’s external (connecting customers) or internal (reviewing/controlling data, streamlining processes).

Myriad Devices is coordinating Midwest Mobile Summit on Sunday, April 28 and Monday, April 29 in downtown Fargo. The summit focuses on ways to leverage the mobile movement.

Midwest Mobile Summit consists of various educational sessions, including case studies and panels at the Fargo Theatre, ECCE, and Studio 222 off Broadway. Each category of Mobile Strategy, Mobile Technology, and Mobile Industries shares its own location and will focus on different topics, from beginners who want to learn more to experts seeking information on user design best practices.

The summit also brings talent from all over the nation. Tech giants Microsoft, Apple, and Verizon Wireless will join various mobile software companies, marketing firms, and manufacturing organizations to provide their perspective on the capabilities and application of mobile.

“The goal of Midwest Mobile Summit is to educate our audience on the future of mobile technology and allow them to take action,” said James Dravitz, Chief Strategy Officer of Myriad Devices. “The best part is that you can bring a team of various skill sets from different departments, and each person will take away a unique experience. This information is useful for everyone.”

Jake Joraanstad and Ryan Raguse, founders of Myriad Devices, will present the Midwest Mobile Summit keynote address on Sunday, April 28 at the Fargo Theatre. The sessions will follow and attendees choose which segment is best appropriate for their needs.

Two day registration for Midwest Mobile Summit is $200. You can follow Midwest Mobile Summit on Facebook for the latest updates or visit
midwestmobilesummit.com for complete registration details and information.