Greater FM Economic Development Corp. President’s Report: High Priorities – Workforce Attraction & Flood Diversion

2013 is starting off stronger than 2012. Through our primary-sector call program, we are learning about increased investments for expansions and capital equipment. With the elections behind us and the first phase of the fiscal cliff being resolved, it appears that companies are moving forward with projects that had been put on hold during the last half of 2012.

These indicators coupled with our declining unemployment rates are creating continued shortages of highly trained and educated workforce. This issue is the single most important issue facing the region. To ensure continued growth in all sectors, it is incumbent to have the necessary trained workforce to meet our businesses demands.

A number of our corporate headquarters and technology-sector companies are showing the strongest growth patterns. Our manufacturing-sector companies are showing increases in productivity, mainly through automation and process improvements, which luckily will not place huge additional strain on the current lack of available workforce.

Our most critical issue, in the region, is the decision our State Legislators are currently reviewing regarding the continued financial support of the Fargo Diversion Project. Long-term flood protection for the region’s businesses is critical to our continued growth and prosperity as we compete in an ever stronger regional, US and world economy!